Sales and marketing manager Darren Naylor.
Sales and marketing manager Darren Naylor.

Wine system let's you taste test

EVER stood in front of a wine rack in a bottle shop wondering what to buy?

The Purple Palate is looking to eliminate that long, overdrawn process.

A year ago the Duporth Ave bottle shop installed the eight-bottle Enomatic wine-tasting machine, the Enoline 8, and it has not looked back.

Manufactured in Italy, the sleek-looking machine holds wine under food-grade argon gas pressure, allowing it to stay for up for two weeks.

Sales and marketing manager Darren Naylor said it was a great marketing tool.

"When you open a bottle you get one to two days out of it usually," Mr Naylor said.

"This way, we can put a bottle up and it will last for two weeks.

"Sometime they will only last a week, though, because it's so popular and everyone wants a taste."

Mr Naylor said wines selected for the machine were usually ones on sale in the latest catalogue.

"That way a lot of people aren't just buying blind," he said.

"The customers like it.

"It helps out with a lot of those tough decisions."

A leader in the field of wine-serving technology, the Enomatic brand pioneered the argon system.

"The gas doesn't inhibit the wine at all," he said.

"As it gets pushed down, the bottle fills with more gas.

"Other gasses used previously used to taint the wine a bit."

Just four bottles are loaded into The Purple Palate's machine at any given time.

But Mr Naylor said he suspected he would have to add a few more in the lead-up to Christmas.

The machine can store the wine at room temperature or refrigerated from 7 to 18 degrees.

All tastings from the machine are free.

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