Toowoomba woman Shara, 30, has been left bruised after she was struck on the breast at Tomba’s Niteclub.
Toowoomba woman Shara, 30, has been left bruised after she was struck on the breast at Tomba’s Niteclub. Bev Lacey

Woman alleges attack in nightclub

A TOOWOOMBA mother of two feels victimised after she was punched in the breast and struck across the face by two unknown men at a nightclub.

Shara, 30, who did not want her surname published before the offenders were caught, said she was disgusted at the actions of the thugs.

The assault left her with a large bruise to her left breast. She must keep her chest strapped to prevent further injury and has not been able to work this week.

Shara finished work at 12.30am on Sunday at a local pub and arrived at Tomba's Niteclub at 1.40am.

Her friends were on the dance floor when she stepped outside to get some air on the balcony near the entrance stairs.

Shara said a group of young men came up the stairs "being idiots" and one slumped beside her.

"Being friendly I said 'Hey, how you going?' and he said '**** off you s***' and walked off," she said.

Shara walked after the man, demanding an explanation, then his friends got involved.

She said the man punched her with a closed fist to her breast, which caused her to stumble backwards.

She was also struck across the face by one of the man's friends during the scuffle.

Shara told a bouncer to call police but was instead asked to leave. She said the offender remained at the club.

She went downstairs and asked a second bouncer to call police but was put in a nearby store.

The offender was finally told to leave the club after 2.30am.

Shara and her husband went to the police station and were told to go to hospital before making a complaint.

She went to the Toowoomba Hospital and was examined before she made a formal complaint mid-morning on Sunday.

"It is just so frustrating that he was there for so long (after the assault) and no one got his details.

"I'll never go back there. I don't feel safe there."

Shara, who is also a dance instructor, said she was inconvenienced by having to take time off work and was in pain.

"If the hematoma doesn't go down in the next week I will have to go back for scans," she said.

Scenes of Crime officers photographed her injury on Tuesday.

Tomba's Niteclub co-owner Jeremy Hardy viewed the incident on CCTV yesterday and told The Chronicle Shara had pushed the offender before the assault.

Mr Hardy said a bouncer asked the offender for his identification but was refused.

"We're not the police. We can only ask for someone's details and cannot detain them unless we've viewed the incident ourselves," he said. "(Staff have told me) she was offered police and ambulance assistance but refused.

"We have an impeccable safety record and want to continue that."

Mr Hardy said staff were viewing footage yesterday and were confident they would be able to provide police with the offender's name.

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