Woman who 'bit police' faces court

UPDATE: A WOMAN will face court Monday morning after allegedly biting a police officer on the hand after she refused to leave a licensed premises in Mooloolaba on Friday night.

 Coast police chief Supt Ben Hanbidge told the ABC this morning that police would seek an order from the court to have a blood test undertaken on the woman to determine whether she had any diseases.

Police have repeatedly been bitten or attacked, prompting calls from the police union for tougher penalties to deter offenders.

The officer who was bitten now faces a lengthy wait for blood test results to see whether or not he has been infected.

Supt Hanbidge said the bite was severe enough to break the flesh and cause considerable bleeding.

Police were called to remove a 45-year-old woman who refused to leave a premises just before midnight.

The woman has been charged with serious assault, fail to leave licensed premises and drunk or disorderly in premises to which a licence relates.

  She is due to appear in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court.

Investigations are continuing.

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