Nine years jail for woman who trafficked her own daughter

THE first person in Australia to be convicted of child trafficking has been sentenced to nine years jail.

But the woman will be eligible for parole after four years.

The victim was subject to a life of prostitution between age 11 and 17.

Her mother pleaded guilty to 20 charges, including child trafficking and procuring a child for prostitution, and was sentenced in the Supreme Court today.

Justice David Boddice said the circumstances of the offences were particularly horrendous.

"It involved systematic behaviour on your part in a gradual process of requiring your daughter to engage in acts of increasing depravity for financial reward," he told the court.

"This behaviour was particularly shocking, despicable and reprehensible."

Justice Boddice said the 41 year old had no regard for parental responsibility or common decency.

He said the sentence needed to be substantial to ensure the woman and any like minded individuals understood the disgraceful behaviour was unacceptable.

He sentenced the woman to a nine years in jail but set a parole eligibility date in four years time.

The victim and her foster parents were in court for the sentencing.


EARLIER: A mother flew her daughter from Thailand to Australia on the guise of a better life but instead forced her into prostitution from age 11.

A Thai-born woman, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the child, ran a massage parlour from her Brisbane home where men also received sexual favors.

One of the 41 year old's employees was her young daughter, who was subjected to a demoralizing and damaging childhood serving men, including dancing naked and masturbating them, between age 11 and 17.

The vicitm's mother has become the first person in Australia to be convicted of child trafficking.

The mother has pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court to 20 charges committed between 2004-2011.

She is being sentenced today.

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller told the court the mother had little contact with her daughter before she flew her from Thailand in 2004.

The daughter spent six weeks in Australia where she learnt Thai massage, masturbation and oral sex.

She returned permanently to Australia in 2006 when she was 11.

Mr Fuller said rather than care for her daughter the mother sexually exploited her.

He said the mother told her clients she had a "new girl".

Early in the offending period, her daughter was forced to perform sexual services for three to four times a week for different clients.

Between 2010-2011, the victim had about eight clients.

The services included washing and masturbating clients' penises, dancing naked, allowing her breasts and vagina to be touched and posing for photographs.

Mr Fuller said the woman, a mother of three, told her daughter to exploit gifts from the men and hoped her daughter would one day wed a client.

"She regarded her daughter's virginity as an asset she could sell," he said.

Mr Fuller said the victim told police she felt compelled to comply with her mothers' directions and was physically threatened.

He said the massage business raked in about $100,000 per year.

Police only discovered the atrocities when the victim confided in a family friend and a complaint was made in September 2011.

The mother admitted to police her child helped with her business but denied sexual services were occurring.

Mr Fuller said seven clients had been identified and charged for using the massage parlour and sex services.

The sentence continues.

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