Woman fined over assault at show

AN Emerald woman pleaded guilty to one charge of serious assault following an alcohol-fuelled episode at the Emerald Show.

Melissa Dawn Parter was convicted in the Emerald Magistrate’s Court on Monday where she was sentenced to six months probation and fined $400.

Ms Parter was alleged to have struck a security officer in the face before fleeing the scene of the incident.

Prosecuting Sergeant Robyn Shapcott said the 28-year-old was at the Emerald Show at about 2am on June 1, when the bar closed and patrons were instructed to leave the venue by staff.

She said Ms Parter then engaged in a physical fight with another female which was promptly broken up by security guards.

The court heard the defendant then made several attempts to restart the fight with the other female while security struggled to usher her to the front gate.

“Security got the defendant to the front gate where she continued to act aggressively,” Sgt Shapcott said.

She said Miss Parter then turned to face the security guard and struck him in the face before fleeing.

Police attended shortly after and received a description of the defendant who was later apprehended on the Capricorn Hwy.

“The lady that I was having a problem with had been giving me a hard time all night,” Miss Parter told the court while defending herself.

“I retaliated - the security guard had pushed me to the ground and that is why I reacted the way I did.”

Miss Parter responded to police claims she refused to take part in an interview on the night about the incident by stating they had never requested one.

Magistrate Cameron Press said the community was becoming increasingly concerned about alcohol-fuelled violence and sentences had to be sufficient to act as a detractor for offenders and the community.

“Alcohol-fuelled assaults are becoming far too prevalent,” he said.

“What is of further concern is that you assaulted an officer while he was performing his duty to the community as a security guard.”

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