Woman killed after sex slur

AN IPSWICH man claimed he snapped and killed his ex-wife because she insulted his sexual abilities, a court was told.

A jury was told Jiagen Pan, 45, was arguing with his former wife Linjin Cui at her Springfield Lakes home in August 2009 when she slapped him and called him a “loser”.

He then “lost control” and put his hands around her throat, Brisbane Supreme Court heard.

Pan’s defence barrister, Soraya Ryan, said Pan then realised his ex-wife was not breathing.

Pan has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and admitted killing Ms Cui, but pleaded not guilty to murder, claiming he was provoked.

Taking the witness stand yesterday, Pan told the court through a Mandarin interpreter that his wife was controlling and was fixated on money.

Mrs Ryan said Ms Cui, 32, told her client: “You’re not a man; you never satisfied me as a man; you never brought me to orgasm.”

After choking his wife to death, Pan bought several circular saws from Bunnings, dismembered her body and then took her remains to his Woodridge home.

There Pan began building a cavity in a hallway cupboard using concrete and police arrived as he tried to entomb her body.

The trial continues this week.

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