Woman saved by her 'chicken fillets'

DOCTORS have told an English woman her 'chicken fillet' bra inserts saved her life in a car accident.

Lisa Somerville, 28, lost control of her car in a thunderstorm and crashed into oncoming traffic while on her way home from work.

After regaining consciousness, doctors told her that the silicon bust enhancers she had stuffed in her bra saved her life.

Lisa told the Daily Mail: "I suffered a punctured lung and cracked ribs, but thanks to my chicken fillets I was still alive. I was told that otherwise my ribs would certainly have pierced my heart.

"As doctors peeled back my clothes to get a better look at the damage, they noticed the skewered chicken fillets inside my bra.

"I was 'doubling up' - wearing four altogether - so that was what gave me the extra protection that saved my life."

An AAA cup, Ms Somerville had worn the silicon boosters since she was a teenager as she hated her small bust size, but was also embarrassed at needing them.

"I couldn't believe my luck or the irony that something I'd hated for so long had saved my life," she said.

"That night, for the first time in my life, I was grateful for them."

Lisa has since undergone a breast enhancement to increase her cup size from a AAA to a 30E.

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