Woman tells neighbour, 71, ‘die you bitch’

A SUNSHINE Coast woman who hurled verbal abuse at her 71-year-old neighbour including the statement "f**king c**t, f**king c**t, die you bitch" has lost her appeal in Queensland's highest court.

Lynda-Ann Nardia Coutts earlier this year pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful stalking after she yelled abuse to her neighbour 18 times between August 2014 and February 2015.

This included threatening to get her "bikie friends" onto the elderly woman and saying "I'll follow you home and I'll find out where you live and I'll start f**king attacking you guys too" to the woman's daughter.

The elderly woman lived alone in her home of 35 years. Her husband had Alzheimer's disease and had moved into a nursing home.

Coutts was sentenced in April at Maroochydore District Court to 18 months in jail with parole after serving six months but she appealed this, claiming the sentence was excessive.

Coutts also claimed the judge did not properly consider her guilty plea and remorse, her mental state at the time she offended and rehabilitation.

A judgment from Justice Anthe Philippides handed down on Tuesday said Coutts and her neighbour used to get on well until the woman spoke to Coutts's children.

Coutts, who was 49 years old at the time, told the woman to "mind your own business".

After that, Coutts would hurl abuse whenever she saw the woman outside her house.

The neighbour's victim impact statement said she had become afraid to leave the house and had lost the joy she previously found in gardening.

Justice Philippides said Coutts's lawyers argued that she was going through a separation from her husband and that substance abuse had generated unregulated and aggressive behaviour.

The lawyers also argued that Coutts lived next the woman for a further 11 months after she was arrested and did not offend again.

But when determining her appeal, Justice Philippides said Coutts had not shown that the previous judge who sentenced her had made an error. She dismissed the appeal.

"The offence was committed against a vulnerable lady in her 70s who, for the most part, was living alone during the relevant period," Justice Philippides said.

"The offending caused significant distress and fear in the complainant.

"She felt nervous when exiting and entering her property, which she was doing twice daily to visit her hospitalised husband." - ARM NEWSDESK

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