Women more likely murdered by partners than men

MORE than three times as many women as men were murdered by their partners between 2010 and 2012, a new report shows.

The latest annual national homicide report from the Australian Institute of Criminology showed there were 272 homicides around Australia in 2012.

That figure was 18% below the 1989 figure of 331 murders, when national data was first collected.

There was an average of 1.1 homicide deaths per 100,000 Australians over the two years covered by the report.

Of the 272 murders in 2012, 83 were female victims of "intimate partner homicide", compared with 26 male victims of the crime.

However, the data showed victimisation of women and girls was at a "historic low", and remained stable over the two years to 2012.

The data showed there were also 34 children killed by a parent in 2012, nine of whom were children younger than one year old.

More than one in 10 murders were committed during another crime such as robbery or drug offences.

Knives remained the most common murder weapon between 2010 and 2012.

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