Too many glasses of wine are a no-no at work Christmas functions.
Too many glasses of wine are a no-no at work Christmas functions. Emma Channon

Code of etiquette for work parties

AS WE head into the final stretch of office parties and end of year celebrations, now more than ever people need to be reminded of the do's and don'ts of Christmas party etiquette.

So what is more important when it comes to office parties - enjoying yourself or not having to walk into work after the weekend or during the week with your head bowed in shame?

Lynn Bryson, owner of Bryson's Place and her sister Narelle Moller, say the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

"First of all - don't flirt with the boss," Mrs Moller said.

"And if someone is shouting you dinner or drinks, don't choose the most expensive items on the list. It's rude."

The two women have hosted many a Christmas work party and had a lot of other tips from the hospitality point of view.

"Tell in advance for any dietary requirements - that really helps," Mrs Moller said.

"Also, leaving the venue when asked to leave. We've had to turn lights off to let people know."

Mrs Bryson's advice was to "dress accordingly" and if people aren't sure of the dress code, find out.

"Don't come in boxer shorts. Use your manners the whole time - sit up straight and chew with your mouth closed," she added.

"But do enjoy yourself."


Nine do's & don'ts

  • DO attend the work party if you can - it's a great opportunity to network and get to know your colleagues outside the office.
  • DO enjoy yourself and mingle. People won't want to talk to the sullen person in the corner.
  • DO thank your boss if he/she paid for the party and thank the caterers and bar staff.
  • DO keep conversations upbeat.
  • DO wear something you feel comfortable in.
  • DON'T brag, whine or complain - especially about work issues.
  • DON'T be the person who drinks too much and has to be carried out to a taxi.
  • DON'T get dressed like you're going to King's Cross.
  • DON'T wear white if you drink red wine.

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