Worker 'stole $92,000 of booze'

A FORMER retail manager of the Sugarland Tavern has faced court accused of stealing more than $92,000 worth of alcohol from the pub's bottle shops over 14 months.

Tony Robert Faint, 42, of Gladstone, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg District Court yesterday to taking more than $15,500 in cash and three bottles of Jack Daniels bourbon between January 2006 and March 2007.

But he denied allegations he stole more than $92,000 in alcohol during the same time period.

Prosecutor Sarah Farnden said during his time as retail manager, Faint was responsible for ordering stock and entering it into the computer system.

Ms Farnden said during his time in the role, there had been a number of discrepancies between the invoices from suppliers and what had been logged in the computer system.

Ms Farnden alleged Faint had falsified credit notes that would show in the computer system the stock item had been taken from the shelves and returned to the supplier due to a fault.

The court was told Faint was also observed on CCTV footage taking money from the cash register using the wristband login of another staff member.

Faint has already repaid the stolen $15,500 to the hotel.

During a police interview played to the court, Faint admitted he had noticed invoice discrepancies in January 2007, but did not know what to do about them.

He said he had changed the records because he thought other staff members, the suppliers or the transport company were involved with the missing stock.

“It comes from me being naive, stupid and incompetent,” Faint said during the interview.

Faint has returned the three bottles he has admitted to stealing.

Judge Leanne Clare will decide on the facts and sentence Faint on Monday morning.

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