The mass of major projects on line is expected to more than double the call for construction workers during the nest year.
The mass of major projects on line is expected to more than double the call for construction workers during the nest year. Chris Ison

Workforce demand to soar

DEMAND for construction workers for major projects in Queensland is expected to at least double within the next year - and Gladstone is tipped to feel much of that demand.

This forecast was released when Construction Skills Queensland launched its Major Projects Outlook Summary 2011-2016 last week.

The document, though not the full report (which is due to be released later in the year) estimates the demand for labour in major projects across Queensland over the next five years. Major projects are defined as projects worth more than $100 million.

The document reveals that, with millions of dollars in mining, gas and transport infrastructure investment planned for Queensland, the need for construction workers will be enormous.

According to the Major Projects Outlook Summary, it is anticipated more than 25,000 new workers will be needed to complete engineering construction projects by late 2012.

By this time it is expected monthly investment in construction projects will have reached $3.5billion - more than triple the state's historical peak.

CSQ chief executive Brett Schimming said the Major Projects Outlook Summary provided a research-based prediction the industry could use in long-term planning.

"Queensland is currently experiencing extraordinary levels of investment in the resources sector. This investment is anticipated to create an equally unprecedented wave of engineering construction activity," he said.

"As these new projects come online and activity escalates, skilling and availability of skilled labour will quickly become a critical issue.

"The Outlook Summary shows we currently have a small window to start preparing for future projects. It is more vital than ever for our industry to focus on producing and maintaining skills through upskilling, recognition of prior learning, cross skilling and utilising pathways such as apprenticeships and traineeships," he said.

For more information on the Major Projects Outlook Summary and CSQ's Future Skills Unit, please visit or contact CSQ on 1800 798 488.

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