Worth the six year wait

BY HIS own admission, Clinton Schulz's hole in one on the 17th was a fluke but that did not stop him sculling a beer in celebration.

Earlier this month, the man who delivers your milk became the Emerald Golf Club's 29th person in two-and-a-half years to achieve golf's crowning moment.

Schulz, in his six years on the greens, has never shot a hole in one so naturally he was overjoyed.

"When I first hit it I thought it wasn't going to go anywhere towards the hole," Schulz explained.

"And it just kept running and running and it wasn't a good shot but it went straight in.

"I was over the moon, like, that is a one off, you don't expect to get many of those.

"I swallowed my beer pretty quickly when I saw it was in the hole, we were all jumping up and down.

"It's the first one I have ever shot so I will definitely take it."

The 17th hole is a special one for Schulz who recalls his first Pro-Am in 2009.

"The first time I played here I got a pin shot on the 17th, it was only a couple of feet from the hole," Schulz said.

"A little bit of fate there I think.

"It is a fairly tough hole because of the slope of the green, some people might see it differently though.

"But I am normally pretty good on it."

Emerald Golf Club's Ian Cunningham says the 29 hole in ones is "pretty good going".

"Since February 2013, when I first started, that averages one a month which is great," Cunningham said.

"Before that, the club was lucky to have one every 12 months prior to that.

"It's sheer luck, I mean you are aiming for the green but for it to go in the hole is sheer luck but that's the name of the game.

"The club is pretty proud of the record and it's nice to give them a small trophy is a nice memento to give them for a big achievement."

On November 13, through the Bushkids' charity golf day, a $50,000 car will be up for grabs with a free hole in one attempt on Schulz's favourite hole - the 17th.

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