Sandy with her book – a typical Aussie yarn.
Sandy with her book – a typical Aussie yarn.

Yarn tells of larrikin

FULL of Aussie slang, based on life in rural Australia and revolving around a typical Aussie larrikin, Sandy Cook's novel, The Life and Times of Abicus Crumble: Welcome to Town, is sure to be a good yarn.

"It's an Australian comedy written in Australian English with sayings like G'day," she said. "It's a yarn with good laughs and an easy read."

Sandy is an Emerald resident and mentions it in the book, which she loosely based on how she sees her town.

The book revolves around the people of the town Thereanback, which is half way between Binwunderin and Goanngander.

The book begins at the community's annual horse race, where an unexpected twist occurs.

Abicus Crumble, married to Sheila, a "bit of a looker", has two "rugrats", Villoet and Willy, and is a "garbologist" with the local council.

Sandy best describes Abicus as a schemer, full of ideas as long as he doesn't have to do too much.

"The inspiration came from my father - he is Abicus Crumble, an Aussie larrikin," Sandy said.

"I think everyone can relate to the people and the town - typical Aussie people in an Aussie town."

Having previously written only poetry, this is Sandy's first novel, which will be one of three in the series.

"I was writing a biography and this kept coming into my head," she said.

"I dreamt about it and it invaded my head and just wrote itself.

"I put my fingers on the keyboard and wrote ... when it's about my dad, it came very easily."

The book will be available online or from local book stores.

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