Julie Gould with one of her paintings created with Vegemite.
Julie Gould with one of her paintings created with Vegemite. Cade Mooney

Painting with Vegemite

SOME spread it on piping-hot toast, others sandwich it between crackers to create squiggly worms. Julie Gould paints with it.

Julie first dipped her brush into the black, sticky spread in 1985 when she was a student and has not looked back, creating beautiful portraits along the way.

"I was completing my commercial arts certificate when I left school and the lecturer got all students to do a painting using anything other than painting materials," she said.

"We could choose what we wanted. I chose Vegemite.

"I've done many paintings using that. I've perfected it. I mix a sealer with it and get different shades."

Julie said many of her fellow students pushed the boundaries with red wine and coffee.

"A lot of paints are made with food products anyway," she said.

Julie also dabbles with acrylic, never straying too far away from her foodstuffs.

"I paint 1920s ladies, using coffee beans to give dresses a 3D feel ... I also use broken bits of jewellery," she said.

"I've also experimented with blueberries and strawberries. You can get really rich, intense colours out of those.

"I have experimented with bleach products. You get fantastic effects with water colours, but you do wreck your brushes and clothes.

"It's practically limitless what you can do."

Having met many talented individuals, Julie aspires to hold an exhibition at Glasshouse Hall this year.

"I want to promote local people."

Fast facts

  • Vegemite is changing its name in the lead up to Australia Day and has launched a limited edition collectable Vegemite jar, featuring a map of Australia in the place of the red diamond-shaped logo and a new name - Australia.
  • Vegemite is also featuring 10 'Toast of a Nation' finalists on its jars.

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