Yes, you're paying way too much for iPhones

YOU may want to reconsider buying an iPhone or iPad in Australia. 

Australia has fallen down the rankings of the world's cheapest countries to buy an iPhone or iPad due to the high Aussie dollar. has reported this time last year Australia was the second cheapest country (in US dollar terms) to snap up both the electronic devices. 

The figures came from CommSec's annual iPad Index. 

That was when the Aussie dollar was 69 US cents, but today it's sitting at 76 cents. 

According to CommSec, if you assume the Aussie price for an iPad should be the same as that paid by a resident in the US, then the exchange rate should be closer to 70 US cents.

"On current pricing, Aussie tourists could save over $200 by buying an iPad Pro 12.9-inch tablet in Hong Kong rather than in Australia," CommSec economist Craig James writes.

The economist said if retailers don't pass on the benefits to customers in the form of cheaper imported goods, Australians may chose to purchase for a lower price abroad. 

Would you consider buying your next iPhone or iPad overseas?

This poll ended on 07 September 2016.

Current Results

Yes I would buy overseas to save money


No I would rather spend extra and buy it from within Australia


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