Aussie mum Shar McDowall shared details of her
Aussie mum Shar McDowall shared details of her "toxic" breast implants.

‘Toxic’ implants slowly poisoned mum

A MUM-of-two has revealed she suffered from severe chest pain, migraines and acne for seven years after getting "toxic" boob implants which she believes "poisoned" her body.

Shay McDowall, 25, from Brisbane, had a breast augmentation when she was just 18 years old to "boost her self-confidence".

But once Shay stopped breastfeeding, the pain and inflammation in her chest only worsened as the implant was dislodged, The Sun reports.

The symptoms came on hard and fast after this.

"But for a very long time, I blamed my symptoms on being a mother instead of listening to my body," Shay said.

Aussie mum Shar McDowall shared details of her breast implants, that she believed were ‘poisoning’ her.
Aussie mum Shar McDowall shared details of her breast implants, that she believed were ‘poisoning’ her.

Along with chronic fatigue, Shay also began suffering from eczema, body inflammation and sore joints as well as regular sinus infections and feeling constantly thirsty.

But despite describing how her "body was screaming for help", she admits she was "naive" and didn't think anything was seriously wrong.

"I had friends do my makeup and they were shocked about the yellow tone of my skin and how terrible my acne was," Shay said. "I had beautiful skin, there was simply no explanation for this."

Since having her breast implants removed earlier this year, Shay now believes that they were the cause of her unexpected health problems.

Reflecting on her decision to go under the knife aged 18, she said: "I had done absolutely no research about breast implants, and there were most certainly no life-threatening warnings to deter my decision.

"I requested a D-cup but ended up being an E-cup."

The mum said she requested a D-cup when she was just 18, but ended up with an E-cup.
The mum said she requested a D-cup when she was just 18, but ended up with an E-cup.

And while she and her husband Sam, 26, had no fertility problems the first time round, the pair struggled to conceive their second daughter Wynter.

After her health deteriorated when Skylah was born, the mum-of-two admitted she could sense "something was wrong when we couldn't conceive our second child".

She said: "I could feel my body struggling to keep up. It was desperately fighting a long and silent fight within me."

Although the pair welcomed Wynter in June 2018, she suffered from another bout of bad health when she contracted placenta poisoning.

Alongside this, she noticed that Wynter was struggling with breastfeeding.

The mum added: "After four months of breastfeeding, Wynter was refusing my breasts and I knew in my heart that something was not right."

Shay now believes that she suffered from "breast implant illness" which is toxic poisoning caused by implants.

Although it is not a medically recognised condition, she discovered that thousands of women were also suffering from similar side effects after speaking out about her condition on her blog Embrace Bliss & Grace.

What's more, the mum-of-two was horrified to discover her silicone implants were "oozing pus" when she had them removed earlier this month.

Determined to warn other women of the dangers of implants, Shay said: "I want to raise awareness so other women do not end up in my shoes. There needs to be more research about the effects of breast implants."

Ms McDowall believes her life-altering side effects were caused by her body's "immediate response" to "fight" her "foreign object implants".

She concluded: "We all get implants out of vanity and the desire to be beautiful. Then we get sick and live in denial while we endure a poor quality of life.

"I am on the other side, I am healing and implant free."

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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