'So drunk she stopped at green light'

A GLADSTONE magistrate has put the stoppers on a mum's driving after she was so drunk she pulled up at a green light, raising an off-duty police officer's concerns.

The officer was worried Sade Anthea Ellis may be under the influence of alcohol when they observed the Gladstone mother driving extremely slowly and without her lights on in Auckland St on November 22.

When Ellis then stopped at a green traffic light, the officer intervened.

Police were called and upon arrival a random breath test was performed.

Ellis had an alcohol reading of .161.

She admitted to drinking vodka and orange juice before getting behind the wheel.

In Gladstone Magistrates Court yesterday, Magistrate Barry Crosgrove expressed concern at the amount of alcohol in the young mother's system.

"That blood alcohol reading, for a young person, is very high," he said.

Ellis asked that the court not to impose a high fine, due to the fact she was a single mother of two.

She was fined $1150 and her driver's licence was disqualified for 10 months.


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