A Mount Pleasant mother has been jailed for a savage attack against a paramedic at Dingo Beach in July last year. Picture: Nev Madsen.
A Mount Pleasant mother has been jailed for a savage attack against a paramedic at Dingo Beach in July last year. Picture: Nev Madsen.

Young mum jailed for savage attack on paramedic

A YOUNG Mount Pleasant mother pinned a paramedic to a chair with her foot before unleashing a barrage of savage kicks to her groin and thighs.

A Queensland Ambulance Service crew was called to the Dingo Beach hotel where the 24 year old was acting out after taking a cocktail of drugs.

Jessica Elizabeth Mecner-Murray had ingested ice and LSD on July 12 last year and was so violent, police were also called to help paramedics.

When officers arrived Mecner-Murray was calm and resting in the back of the ambulance - but on the way to the hospital her behaviour spiralled as the paramedic was asking questions.


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"(Mecner-Murray) managed to pin the victim to a seat with her foot in her stomach," police prosecutor Sergeant Marcus Hahn said.

She then kicked Nicola Robson in her groin and thigh area with force multiple times.

Mackay Magistrates Court heard because of the confined space police were able to protect Ms Robson, who had to endure the violent attack.

Police were able to restrain Mecner-Murray, who attempted to bite the officers and also kicked one cop in the chest with force.

"Eventually (she) was sedated … but this took time and (she) continued to behave violently," Sgt Hahn said.

Ms Robson suffered deep bruising as a result.

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She pleaded guilty to serious assault of a public officer, assault police, possessing used drug item an other offences.

Magistrate Damien Dwyer bluntly said jail had to be considered because of the seriousness of the offence, as Mecner-Murray looked on in shock.

"Ambulance officers are sacred ground as far as I'm concerned, you don't touch them … or police officers, police officers aren't punching bags," Mr Dwyer said.

"I'm my view a very strong deterrent has got to go out to the community."

Legal Aid Queensland defence solicitor Erin Beer said her young client had been diagnosed with schizophrenia in January this year, placing her in a "special category".

"It would be my submission that my client ought not be used as a vehicle, given those personal circumstances, for a message to the community … perhaps personal deterrence rather than general deterrence is more of a consideration," Ms Beer said, advocating for probation or community service with no conviction recorded.

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She had not committed another offence since July last year and said she had attended a 28-day rehabilitation program.

The court heard Mecner-Murray could not fall on her mental illness as a mitigating fact because she had willingly taken drugs when she committed the offences.

"She's not a vehicle for that, her sentence is a result of what she has done," Mr Dwyer said.

"I'm saying to you you've done this thing and because of this you deserve to go to prison and everyone out in Mackay ought to know if they want to do a similar thing, they'll go as well.

"I think a strong message has to go out to you and to the community that this sort of behaviour … simply will not be tolerated by the courts or any rational thinking person.

"Police officers, ambulance officers, SES workers, public officers in hospitals … taxi drivers, they're not punching bags.

"They're not people where you can go and take ice and LSD, get high and when they try to assist you, you then treat them in this way."

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Mecner-Murray was jailed for three months, wholly suspended for two years.

She was also placed on 12 months probation and handed a four-month good behaviour bond under which she must attend a drug assessment and education session.

Convictions were recorded.

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