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Young Queensland mum tragically dies seeking cancer cure

A YOUNG woman travelling the world in search of a cure for her cancer has died alone in Mexico without her husband and son by her side.

Jessica Gall, 26, was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014, and was later given the all-clear after having surgery. Sadly, the Gold Coast mother's cancer returned, spreading to her liver and lungs.

After conventional treatments including radiation therapy and chemotherapy didn't work, the brave mum decided to seek help overseas. Her international mission to find a cure took her first to China, and later to Germany.

As the condition worsened, Jessica received stents to help her kidneys work more effectively, underwent an operation to have a damaged section of bowel removed, and battled constant infections.

Her last attempt to beat the cancer was a radical treatment called ablation immunotherapy, which she received in Mexico, where she tragically lost her battle with the illness.

As she searched for a cure, her husband stayed at home in Australia to care for their son and continue working to pay for Jessica's treatment.

According to the Daily Mail, Jessica first went to Renkang Hospital in China, to receive a combination of conventional and alternative treatments.

When the Chinese treatment failed, she set off to Mexico with her sister Sacha, after hearing about ablation immunotherapy. The radical approach involves injecting needles into the tumour and blasting it with extreme heat or cold, which can cause the body to generate its own immune response against the tumour.

However, the treatment left her so ill she was placed in intensive care. She later died, and Sacha is now trying to raise funds to cover the cost of her medical bills and funeral.

Tributes have been flowing into her fundraising page, which has a goal of $40,000.

"Truly a fighter", wrote a friend. "Always in our hearts."

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