INNOVATIVE: Young Farmers Challenge organisers Zoe Rickertt and Ria Garside at the steer drenching station.
INNOVATIVE: Young Farmers Challenge organisers Zoe Rickertt and Ria Garside at the steer drenching station. Amber Hooker

Youngsters accept Farmers Challenge

TEAMS of enthusiastic young men and women tried their hands at farm life on Wednesday when they stepped into the Clermont Showgrounds' centre ring for the Queensland Young Farmers Challenge.

The relay-style team event was a first for the Clermont Show organised by 2014 Clermont Showgirl Runner-up Ria Garside and 2014 Rural Ambassador Zoe Rickertt.

Much to the entertainment of onlookers, competitors were required to roll up their swags, assemble poly-pipe fittings, ice a cake for "smoko", drench steers and transplant embryos all before sculling a beer at the finish line.

Ria said she was happy to have so many people nominate on the day with four teams - Frankwood, The Vets, Miss Showgirls and the Show Committee team - tackling the tasks.

"We were sort of aiming for a bit of youth involvement in the show so we are pretty happy with the turnout," Ria said.

Zoe said many months went into planning went into the event, and thanks to the support of the show society it was only going to get bigger and better in future.

"They (the show society) are good in letting us put a few new ideas forward there are certainly a lot of committees out there that get a bit stuck in there ways," she said.

"So it's nice that we have been able to push forward a new idea and they have gone yeah if you are happy to do it run with it which is good."

Team Frankwood came out on top, proving their skill in the diverse activities a young farmer faces.

"The objectives of the challenge this year are to promote an array of skills and techniques used by farmers, while using appropriate equipment through a set of practical field activities," Zoe said.

"As well as promoting safety at work and showcasing the Isaac region as an area of energetic, hardworking people in an action packed demonstration."

The challenge is an initiative of the Queensland Shows Next Generation group, and the winning team has the chance to compete in sub-chamber finals.

Check out some of the fun at the Clermont Show in our online photo gallery. 

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