YOUR SAY: Best kid friendly restaurants in Toowooomba

DINING out with kids can be hard. 

So we asked Toowoomba locals to recommend their favourite kid friendly restaurants in Toowoomba. 

BEST KID FRIENDLY RESTAURANTS. We’re compiling a list of the best kid friendly restaurants in Toowoomba and need your...

Posted by The Chronicle on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We received over 80 recommendations and based on the comments have whittled it down to the top seven kid friendly restaurants in Toowoomba. 

And here they are:

1. Crazy Gallaghers at the Wilsonton Hotel

Crazy Gallaghers at the Wilsonton Hotel received the most recommendations.

The Wilsonton Hotel dining room.
The Wilsonton Hotel dining room.

Tenille Maree Squires Spunkness wrote: "Crazy Gallaghers Wilsonton. So great with children, have painting, balloon animals and play area. And every time I've been there I've loved my dinner/unch."

Sam Sharpe said: "We enjoy Crazy Gallaghers the meals are always fabulous, the have a great kids club our kids loved getting their free meal for their birthdays. My 7 year old always wants the Chicken Oscar tho like his mum cause he loves prawns, avo and hollaindaise sauce. Look forward to seeing a new menu just hope my favorite doesn't disappear, only time will tell though."

Catherine Wilson commented saying: "Wilsonton is very kid friendly.... Unfortunately they can't cook a decent meal!!!!" which prompted a reply comment from new head chef Mark Howarth Raby who said: "Give me the time I need and I promise my menu will be good great. Started to change a lot now theres a lot to do . Any feedback would be great pks telk me what kids want and what you want and what I can do better for you all. And ill work on it cheers all so many thanks."

Amy Thomas followed this with: "Crazy Gallaghers at Wilsonton will be one to watch! New head chef and soon to be new menu! Meals will be amazing!"

Playground at the Wilsonton Hotel.
Playground at the Wilsonton Hotel.

Venue: Crazy Gallaghers at the Wilsonton Hotel
Where: 40 Richmond Drive, Toowoomba
Contact: 07 4634 2033
Facilities: Large dining room, kids playground and games room, kids menu.


2. City Golf Club

City Golf Club is also a popular kid friendly venue with Toowoomba locals.

City Golf Club Toowoomba
City Golf Club Toowoomba

Jen Jordan recommended City Golf Club saying: "Has a kids room with an staff member. You sign your child in and only you can sign them out. Has games, colouring in, xbox, wii etc. From ages 3 and up I think."

Sarah Mowett said: "City Golf Club has a supervised kids room catering to children of all ages."

Patti Andersen said the Golf Club kids room is the best.

Venue: City Golf Club
Where: 254 South Steet, Toowoomba
Contact: 07 4636 9000
Facilities: Three dining options, kids room, live entertainment.


3. Newtown Hotel

Newtown Hotel
Newtown Hotel

Donnalea Ballard said: "Newtown hotel has great meals, kids room & kids pack with every meal.... My twins love it!!"

Michael Byatt recommended Newtown Hotel writing: "The meals are massive and great value! It's my children's favourite, the kids meals come with activity bags which keeps the them happy."

Venue: Newtown Hotel
Where: 64-72  Anzac Ave, Toowoomba 
Contact: 07 4632 3688
Facilities:Bar/lounge, bistro, kids menu.


4. Highfields Tavern

Highfields Tavern
Highfields Tavern

Tamara Seth recommended Highfields Tavern saying: "Great outdoor area for the kids."

Tim Ford wrote: "Highfields Tavern does face painting."

Venue: Highfields Tavern
Where: Cnr OBrien & Highfields Rd, Highfields
Contact: 07 4699 6000
Facilities:Bistro, sports bar, entertainment, kids outdoor play area.


5. Blue Mountain Hotel

Blue Mountain Hotel
Blue Mountain Hotel

Jen Munt recommended Blue Mountain Hotel because: "Really went out of their way with our eldest daughter (who's autistic and intellectually impaired) in just making the effort with her which was lovely. Beautiful meals too. We rarely eat out due to finances but this is our first choice when we are able to. Thanks Mick and team for top notch customer service and nosh!"

Danielle Andrews wrote: "Blue Mountain Heights! Great food. Great specials. Room for the kids to run if you are there for lunch. Always our first option!"

Venue: Blue Mountain Hotel
Where: 264 New England Highway, Harlaxton
Contact: 07 4632 3258
Facilities:Restaurant, entertainment, functions room, large outdoor area for kids to run around.


6. Withcott Hotel

Withcott Hotel
Withcott Hotel

Tash Kain commented: "Withcott is great. Nice big fenced area for kids to run around and a sandpit too."

George Watts said: "Withcott pub! Kids can run amuck inside and out and they are just so easy going about it. There is actually a decent amount of grass area for the kids to go crazy on."

Venue: Withcott Hotel
Where: 8604 Warrego HwyWithcott
Contact: (07) 4630 3144 
Facilities:Restaurant, deck, lots of room for kids.


7. Fire & Ice at The Southern Hotel

Fire & Ice at The Southern
Fire & Ice at The Southern

Lynda Hillman said: "Fire & Ice/The Southern - great meals - kids room with glass wall visible from 60% of the bistro - great meals."

Wendy Collins recommended Fire and Ice at The Southern saying: "We go during the week for under $15 specials and kids meals are huge for $9.95 with drink and dessert. Become a member for nothing and get 10% off that too! My boys love it!"

Venue: The Southern Hotel
Where: 839 Ruthven St, Toowoomba 
Contact: 07 4635 3311
Facilities:Restaurant, bar, cafe, kids room.


Full list of suggestions (in no particular order)

  1. Wilsonton Hotel
  2. Fire & Ice at The Southern Hotel
  3. Club Glenvale
  4. Toowoomba Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant
  5. City Golf Club Toowoomba
  6. Hana Sushi
  7. Newtown Hotel
  8. Woggies
  9. Hogs Breath
  10. Sizzlers
  11. Westbrook Tavern
  12. Blue Mountain Hotel
  13. Piccolo Papa
  14. Amigos
  15. Withcott Hotel
  16. Highfields Tavern
  17. Federal Hotel
  18. Shamrock
  19. The Gowrie
  20. Lauren's Cafe Russell Street

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