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YOUR STORY: We must stop ignoring female domestic violence

I TOTALLY agree domestic violence as a primary label should be dropped in favour of assault with or without battery.

I am nauseated by the one-sided sexist depiction of domestic violence portraying the victims as women and children and the perpetrators as men.

Yes one third of all women will be assaulted in their lifetime but by the same token two thirds, twice as many men, will be.

Turning to domestic violence, 45% of all murdered kids are killed by their mothers.

When considering the totality of domestic violence that includes emotional/verbal abuse women are slightly more guilty than men.

When it comes to intimate partner killing, yes men are much more responsible by a factor of approximately 7:2.

This means as a percentage far more women are murdering their male partner than there is homosexuality in the community.

Does the community ignore homosexuality? So why does society ignore female domestic violence?

We are living in a sick society inculcating our children to fear men.

Domestic Violence should be presented, by and large but not exclusively, as a neuter issue.

Northern Star editor David Kirkpatrick writes: "The message needs to be rammed through to the (mainly) men that any form of violence directed towards women is unacceptable in our culture."

I would simply rephrase it to: "The message needs to be rammed through to everyone that any form of violence is unacceptable in our culture."

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