The Jalals celebrate 1 million likes on their Facebook page in December 2015
The Jalals celebrate 1 million likes on their Facebook page in December 2015

YouTube pranksters mock police after drive-by shooting vid

ONE of the three Jalal brothers have mocked Victorian Police after the trio were arrested for an online "prank" which featured a fake AK-47.

Max Jalal, 20 with brothers Arman, 18 and a 16-year-old posted on Facebook page: "Prison Break, who gone stop us?"

A few hours later, the brothers took to Facebook to accuse police of overreacting.

So today we got arrested. 30 counter-terrorist officers later, a search warrant & a 6 hour interview. Also, news...

Posted by Jalals on Thursday, 25 February 2016

The charges came after the trio uploaded a video this week showing three men in traditional Middle Eastern garb pointing and shooting a fake gun at pedestrians in Melbourne.

One of those targeted was a young girl, who is shown running from a phone booth.

Arman and Max have been released on bail but are banned from producing or uploading any video or images that could be offensive.

They are now due to face court on May 20.

While Arman told media on Thursday that "The drive-by was messed up, I"ll admit that myself", his brother Max has so far refused to take down the offending video.

"Why would I take the video down," he said.

The three were arrested with the help of Victoria Police's counter-terrorism officers.

Not everyone is criticising the controversial trio, with the majority of the 2337 comments on their recent Facebook post skewing positive.

Facebook commenter Nick Valsamis wrote:

Too many people jump on the bandwagon holding their pitch forks without any thought and understanding of the situation.

As entertainers they tried a drive by prank similar to ones that have had success on YouTube in the past.
If there was any malicious intent behind this then they wouldn't have showed it.

However, as the girl was okay in the end then it is reasonable to assume from their point of view that it is fine to show the video without any issues.

When they were doing the prank, they wouldn't have thought of every single possible outcome or conducted a risk assessment.
People in the media have already tried to educate them but also realise that everyone makes mistakes.

People going out of their way to threaten people with harm over a prank could be seen to be worse because of their intent.

Energy is better spent in helping people and the community and not lighting fires.

Others were less impressed:

Mikayla Martin wrote:

 You're a waste of space in Australia. This is horrible and disgusting what you are doing.

With everything going on with terrorism in the world and you think doing these 'pranks' are funny.

You are really scaring innocent people for no good reason.

Pathetic excuses for humans.

Overnight, the trio posted photos with the young girl captured on the video, saying they "felt as bad as anyone would" and made sure she was happy and smiling.

for all the people going crazy, this was the girl that accidentally walked into our prank last night. We felt as bad as...

Posted by Jalals on Tuesday, 23 February 2016

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