Co-Founder Ben Burton, and his kitten Zeppee
Co-Founder Ben Burton, and his kitten Zeppee

'Tinder' for finding your next four-legged friend!

Pets. We all at one point in our lives have had one, still have one, or know someone who has one. They seem to be the core of our modern society, with more videos and images of cats on the internet than anything else.

More and more young couples are turning towards pet ownership, than children, opting instead for a Pug running around the house, than a crying newborn.

And whilst Tinder has the first half of the scenario covered, the meeting of the potential spouse/ life partner, you still need to find your friendly four legged friend.

Cue: Zeppee.

Created by 24 year old Coffs Harbour/ Byron Bay local Ben Burton and his business partner Pierre Moio, Zeppee was designed to improve the efficiency and experience of finding and re-homing domestic animals, whilst removing the browsing of multiple websites, and weekend expeditions to shelters trying to find the perfect match.

The app affectionally named after Ben's kitten 'Zeppee', was released at the start of March 2016, as an aggregator for all pets alike.

It uses the the swipe motion technology popularised by apps like Tinder, in that each animal has a profile, based on your location, from closest to furthest, where you swipe left to see the next pet, and swipe right to 'LOVE" the pet, and save it to your favourites to view, and contact the owner or shelter later.

Its an easy to use real-time application that instantly connects people to the animals, localised by suburb and supported by ethical owners and shelters. Wether it be an animal from a shelter, or an accidental litter of kittens or puppies, to a pet needing to be re-homed due to unforeseen circumstances, it caters for all.

Zeppee now has over 2000 animals on it, from and is growing every day.

"We have animals from Darwin to Melbourne, from Perth to Byron Bay" says co-founder Ben Burton, who currently lives with 3 cats and a dog. 

"The app idea came from a lost and found poster for a dog, walking home from dinner in Suffolk Park with a friend of mine. It was like a lightening bolt: Pet Tinder.

The team are working toward building Zeppee into the household name for all things Pets. With the number of animals put down at well over 250,000, the pair hope that using Zeppee will raise awareness in the younger Gen Ys who are coming up, to re-home and animal, keeping it out of the pound, and give it a forever home it so deserves.

"If one single life is saved because of Zeppee, then the whole journey has been a total success" says Pierre.

So, if you have your animal up for adoption, put it on Zeppee. With GPRS technology, and the ability to share your pets directly to Facebook and all social media, the chance of your loved one finding its forever home is increased tenfold. 

You can download Zeppee for free, off Apple's AppStore, or alternatively, visit our website

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