STAMPEDING photographers eager for a photo or video of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg snatched the limelight from the launch of Samsung's new Galaxy devices.

But the Facebook guru gave it back when he declared Samsung a key player in the next big  thing - virtual reality.

Samsung launched its Galaxy S7 phones and a 360-degree camera to a packed venue.

About 4000 attended the glamour event in Barcelona in which every audience member was asked to wear a Samsung  Gear VR headset placed on their seat.

Mark Furler

The surprise at the end of the night when everyone was given their own - with a second  VR headset left under the seats.

Zuckerberg, dressed in his signature grey t-shirt talked up the partnership between Facebook and Samsung. The social media company owns Oculus Rift, a company which has contributed heavily to the Gear 2.

"We are committed to building the best VR experiences in the world,'' he said.

As long as you don't miss what's happening in the real world.

Zuckerberg was photographed walking past the packed convention centre without raising even an eyebrow. Everyone had their VR headsets on, of course, so they didn't see him.

Zuckerberg’s entrance went largely unnoticed as the crowd made use of Samsung’s new virtual reality headset.
Zuckerberg’s entrance went largely unnoticed as the crowd made use of Samsung’s new virtual reality headset. Facebook - Mark Zuckerberg

The reaction of his appearance was swift - lots of gasps and then every man and his dog rushing to the stage to get a photo.

Many missed Zuckerberg's message as they were caught up watching security guards trying to send unwilling journalists and photographers back to their seats. (See video)

Samsung has is giving away its new VR headset for those purchasing the new S7 phones in the next month.

In Barcelona, there are plenty of screams as gadget devotees take a virtual rollercoaster ride at a giant silver pop-up Samsung shop - right opposite Apple's signature store.

It going to be a fun year watching those two companies slug it out.

Samsung took the gloves off by criticising the brightness of photos shot with an iPhone 6 Plus and its ability to focus fast in low light.

-    Mark Furler is travelling as a guest with Samsung.

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