August 2015

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FLYNN MP Ken O’Dowd has personal stories told to him everyday, but on the issue of euthanasia his own experience might just pave the way to the party floor.

Flynn MP backs right to die as ‘sensible’

"Hi stwhite, just to clarify, it's incorrect that surveys that weren't returned were counted as a no..."

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GLADSTONE council may not be worried about changing the parking situation at The Valley shopping centre, but residents aren’t happy.

Shoppers not happy about Valley car park changes

"Hi mini, our apologies - that information was in our previous story, and was incorrect. We've since..."

July 2015

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BY December there will only be a few thousand workers left on Curtis Island, and a year after that Bechtel will be gone from Gladstone.

600 being made redundant on Curtis Island each month

"Hi Enjem, we had rolling coverage of the earthquake on our site yesterday. There wasn't any reported..."

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FOR more than a decade recycled waste water has been used to irrigate Gladstone’s sporting fields.

Video: Council leaves sporting clubs without water supply

"Hi, we've checked the figures with the club and they are correct. An audit of water use in previous..."

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THIS week we go fishing with Jay Absalom, an aluminium refinery worker in Gladstone.

Fishing with... hot water outlet a good spot for barra

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CALLIOPE'S Silver Dale Eggs has been given a tick of approval by consumer magazine Choice.

Happy hens produce eggs with Choice tick of approval

"Hi Sweetlip, Mini is correct. :) We asked the question for you, and have updated the story with this..."

May 2015

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THE greater majority of our street poll respondents are not in favour of the death penalty, as meted out to the Bali Nine leaders Chan and Sukumaran last week.

Your say: Most don't support death penalty

"Hi Soarin, the headline and first paragraph of the story refer to a street poll we conducted. The poll..."

April 2015

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MY grandmother had two brothers who enlisted for WW1 and they both survived.

My Grand Uncle Jack Cheshire

"Hi Progressagain, we'd be interested in running your Grand Uncle's poems in The Observer. If you're..."

February 2015

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GLADSTONE Regional Council has established a disaster co-ordination centre in anticipation of the severe weather heading our way.

Disaster centre opened ahead of cyclone

"Online editor's response: The disaster centre is for co-ordination. It's not somewhere people need to..."

January 2015

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HI, my name is Coen and I'm a young train enthusiast and I'm 9-years-old.

Young train enthusiast says thanks

"Hi Coen, thanks for submitting your story. It's lovely to hear about how much the train visit meant to..."

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